One year on….

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One year on!

Snags done! Finally got to spend a night over and test out all the lighting. Only two weeks left and then its time for my folks to move in. Last bit to do is to help them select the furniture! The landscaping’s finally taking root and the atmosphere is alive and kicking! Special thanks to all those involved with the project over the last year. Its been one joyous ride.

All the best amigos.

Enjoy the pics!





Time to close and lay down (on) the law(n)







Week 33

Phew! What a year!

We’ve got the occupancy certificate and I’ve just issued the practical completion certificate.

The lovely ladies are laying down the lawn outside, and inside we’re just having a general tidy up and lock down.

Now I’m ready to take a nice short break, and get to the things an architect hardly ever gets to, like tidying up and sorting out his own house!

A few minor items to be attended to next year, along with the completion of the landscaping, furniture design and handing over the keys!!!!

Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas everyone, and be loving and safe in all you do!!!!!


Cheerio, hi ho hi ho!


A Pleasurable Approval Process in Progress






IMG_0075Week 32

I’ve decided to arrive very early on site today, because my curiosity is getting the better of me. Why? Well, the building inspector is booked for today. He’s come to see if everything has been built according to the submitted plans, and ensure all health and safety, electrical and plumbing, and construction aspects of the project have been carried out correctly. Its gonna be a long day, and Mr.Z is going through a grueling examination, and answering all the questions from the inspector, showing him all that needs to be shown and hearing all that needs to be heard.

The results have come in and the inspector is satisfied, but would like to see the staircase handrails and rail at the study sliding window installed before he can sign it off. That’s fine, as the handrails are due to arrive any time soon and can be installed. No problemo! Our kind inspector has said that once these items are installed  we can send him a photo and he will give us the all clear.

Outside and around the house which is soon to be a home, the decking , paving, fences and railings are being installed. All these have been carefully designed and cannot be ignored as the landscaping both hard and soft form an integral part in attaining the overall vision I want to achieve for this piece of architecture. KAD Construction have gone out of their way, at the shortest given notice to get the driveway grass blocks ordered from Cape Town themselves as a favor to me and the client after the landscaper mentioned at the last minute that he would be unable to get them himself this year. Once again Mr Z and Mr J have saved the day. Thanks chaps.

Further to this we’re very much nearing the end of the construction, but with the builders holiday about to start were, letting the snags carry over to next year, but the building has reached a state of what we call “Practical Completion”, means that the building has reached a state whereby it is deemed suitable for the owner to occupy the building. It will also take us into the works completion phase, which is where minor items, such as stiff or loose handles , paint touch ups , geyser temperatures, faulty locks or opening mechanisms etc., are given time to be corrected if necessary. Once all these adjustments and touch ups are done, I can then issue the works and final completion certificates. The amount of money retained by the client as a guarantee, is then released to the builder and the project is complete. And that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Till next week,




Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock







Week 31

Time is ticking , and we’ve just got a about ten working days to go, before reaching practical completion. The place is buzzing with activity. Electricians, decking guys, joiners, painters, waterproofers, landscapers, all running around getting their final bits done. The beautiful  Kiaat timber countertops have finally arrived on site and are going in. I just love the warmth and colour and texture they add to the house. This has always been one of my favorite types of wood. One can’t help but to want to just run your hand over it the whole time. The screeded floor are complete and I just want to lie on them. Even the garage has come out so nicely , I’m wanting to just stand in it aimlessly and let time pass by.

Questions, answers, checks and recommendations id the order of the day, and my brain is running in overdrive. Thankfully this energy-efficient home is keeping me cool.

It’s the final few brush stokes to the painting and the elements are all coming to life.

We’ve just made a quick turn to the handle store select the front door handle and last few outstanding items. I’ve decided to return some of the internal sliding door handles and replace them with something I feel will be more suitable , both in operation and aesthetic. Sometimes these last-minute changes can be a pain, especially when everyone’s under a lot of pressure and stress, but its best to get it right now, rather than having it bug me for the rest of my life for not doing so, and our wonderful and passionate contractors fully understand this notion.

Council is booked for next week friday and we will hopefully give us the occupancy certificate. Pray there be no wobbles, but I can’t foresee us having any problems. It’s always a bit nerve wrecking when they arrive to do their inspections. But we’ve done our bit, and we’ve done it properly and professionally, so I’ll be getting my bottle of champaign ready…., well not quite, I’ll still need to do my snagging process… damn!

Next up for me is to start designing the dining room table, credenza and TV unit, which we can get manufactured early next year while the rest of the furniture selection process takes place.

Cant wait!!!!!!

Till next time. Cheers.


The Finishing Touches

Week 30

We’re coming close to the end! I’ve just had a quick drive around with the landscaper to go and see what trees I would like to use, and what would suite the environment and house itself. I’ve drawn up a basic draft of where I would like the trees and shrubs to be planted, and where all the cobble borderings and paving should go. The landscaper, Mr. C has just completed the drypack stone walls which will act as retainers and planters next to the side boundary walls. So nice to see the variety  of colours, tones and textures coming together, after much debate, sample viewing and discussions over the last few months. And the final choices of are really working well together.

The Air-conditioning representative has just discussed the various model options and specs and positioning of the AC unit with us, and although I feel the AC unit will hardly be required as a result of the efficient design, we’re putting one in just for good measure at the clients request. Nevertheless, we have opted for a very energy-efficient model from LG.

The beautiful Oggie Oak Floors are in on first floor level, and the pigmented screed installation is underway.The new steel bracket for the staircase sample has been approved by the engineer and I and I’m glad to finally see something that looks like by technical drawing.The stunning Morso Fireplace has been installed in the corner of the main bedroom, and the Bagged brickwork colour which was chosen at the last visit has been applied . In fact I like it so much I almost want to paint the whole town with it, but lets not get carried away now….

The cupboards are in position and eagerly awaiting their counterparts. The light fittings are 95% installed and waiting to get their first dose of electrical current, the custom profiled skirtings are waiting for the floors to be sealed. We’ve just got about three weeks left before I do my final inspection and snag list and the pressure is on. Generally the builder will test and snag the building first and once he is satisfied, I’ll spend two or so days going snagging every wall, floor junction, detail junctions tiling junctions, taps, toilets, roof screws etc. with the “eagle eye” before I issue the practical completion certificate.

The timber decks are underway and I’ve taken a closer look at the decking levels near the main front entrance and will need to look at some alternative proposals to compensate for the inside to outside garden levels, which we’ve just checked and verified. Below shows the little exercise. In fact for every problem there are countless possible solutions in architecture. It’s a matter of chosing the one which suits best; And the final few options are:

Option A

Option B

Option B

Option C

Option C

Option D

Option D

Votes welcome.

Mr. Z has had me  take a look at the gutter samples and we’ve made a suitable profile and colour choice.

Time is ticking and its close to two-thirty now, and Mr J and I need to go to the sanitaryware store to select an alternative drop in wash trough, after having been supplied with the wrong item . Luckily we’ve managed to find a suitable alternative.

Now keep pushing everyone! We’re almost there……

Till next time.